Lectures on Engineering Economy

1. Introduction to Engineering Economy

Introduction to engineering economy from Nafis Ahmad

Sullivan Chapter-1 text

2. Cost Concepts and Design Economics

Cost concepts and design economics from Nafis Ahmad

3. Time Value of Money

Time value of money from Nafis Ahmad

4. Evaluating a Single Project

Evaluating a Single Project from Nafis Ahmad

5. Comparision and Selection Among Alternatives

Comparison and selection among alternatives from Nafis Ahmad

6. Depreciation and Income Taxes

Depreciation and income taxes from Nafis Ahmad

7. Evaluating Projects using B-C Ratio

Benefit-Cost (B-C) ratio analysis from Nafis Ahmad

8. Replacement Analysis

Replacement analysis from Nafis Ahmad

9. Breakeven and Sensitivity Analysis

Breakeven & sensitivity analysis from Nafis Ahmad

10. Decision Making Considering Multi-Attributes

Decision making considering multi-attributes from Nafis Ahmad